Hand Made in Carinthia

Feistritz an der Drau, Carinthia, Austria

Josh O'Shea

Even after spending almost 3 years in Austria, there are times where I still feel very much like a tourist. Today was another adventure into the unknown, this time into the scenic hills around Villach to capture some wedding rings.

I had met Josh O'Shea through the local wedding agency and his rings certainly didn't disappoint. Each set is extremely high quality and completely custom made, effectively a limited edition piece - for you and your significant other. I had the pleasure of photographing two that he still had in store (as he doesn't tend to hold an inventory). The word of the day was 'creative' and the plan: to do something different to the stock standard shot always entrenched in the wedding album.

What was really surprising is just how effective a cheap opal necklace (~€10) can be at creating a 'light bokeh' background, when placed just behind the rings and illuminated with a flashlight. The next shot however, was far more dramatic and the culmination of two off camera flash modules, a green gel and a spritz bottle. I was absolutely blown away by how effective this technique is and I can't wait to try it again at my next wedding!

Hope you like it too!

:: Ozzy

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