A Taste of Sushi

Hvar, Splitsko-Dalmatinska, Croatia

Rozeta Sushi

Find a favourite, visit often, make a few personal photographs and then drop the owner a copy. It’s just how I roll. Bad sushi jokes aside, it sounds like a terrible business model… but if you’re wanting a win-win, this little gesture will oftentimes boomerang in your favour and this was certainly the case for Rozeta Sushi!

Hvar hosts a strong foodie culture, perhaps less so for vegetarians... and vegans... well I wish you luck! Fresh meat and fish is unfortunately(?)/fortunately(?) where it's at. Whilst you could argue Rozeta is not a great example of ‘Croatian cuisine’, I would suggest that the amazing quality comes about from both the freshness and the attention to detail. And this needed to go on display.

The only way to travel to Hvar is by ferry/catamaran. During peak season, thousands travel everyday and this captive audience is a perfect target. The instructions were simple: (1) find a way for tourists to locate the business easily; (2) the clip is to have no sound; (3) be less than30 seconds long and lastly; (4) tantalise the viewers. This is what we came up with:

The filming was vibrant and entertaining for all involved!Part of the fun included making a movable 'dolly', surprising a few unsuspecting guests with a low flying drone and ultimately sampling a wide variety of the menu - every job has perks!

Definitely give Rozeta Sushi a visit if you're coming to Hvar. Head chef Filip Todorivić will keep your mouth watering, producing a variety of incredible flavours and old style favourites. Despite only being 21 years old, he has quickly cemented himself as one of the best on the island and certainly based on what I've tried... I'd agree.

:: Ozzy

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Hvar, Splitsko-Dalmatinska, Croatia


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