Hvar, Croatia

Real Estate in Hvar comes at a premium, but Villa Anabel is something else. Standing proudly against the hilltop and overlooking both the old town and part of the glorious Dalmatian coastline, this could be a seriously wonderful place to stay (if you can afford the privilege)! The job was simple: ensure every room was captured and make the property truly stood out from the competition. With this location, it made it pretty easy!

The story behind Villa Anabel starts with Joško & Mirea, both local restauranteurs and business owners. After growing up on the island, they chose to build a decadent villa with one purpose in mind - exclusivity. The property consists of 4 bedrooms, each with its own king sized bed and private ensuite, downstairs entertaining area including swimming pool, sauna, fully stocked bar and even a personal gym!

The above gallery is a merely a snapshot of what awaits; you can also visit their website: Villa Anabel (AirBnB)

So if you're in Croatia but can't afford this level of luxury, stop by some one of Joško and Mirea's other businesses, namely Rozeta Sushi, Appetit or Seven nightclub!

:: Ozzy