Flößerbrücke, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Imagine a room filled with night-time cities captured from across the world adorning the walls… this is the dream. I’m a believer in the 6P’s (prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance)… or perhaps the 7P’s for those who know it better. But my plan was to unravel. I had researched the location prior to arriving, but when your plane is delayed, your motel full yet still the sun sets with earthly timing and precision this was one shot I thought I’d missed.

I ran. I must have been a sweaty mess arriving at the Lindner Hotel & Residence Main Plaza, famed to apparently have one of the best photographic lookouts across Frankfurt. The young lady at the concierge desk, evidently bemused by my apparent lack of physical stamina laughed off my request to use the rooftop. Sadly a booking was required and also with it, afee of 40 Euros. Willkommen… whatever. So I settled for the bridge just out the front. I was in good company as a bunch of other photographers had the same idea - it became a truly special evening with picturesque clouds and colours lining the skyline. Maybe Germany wasn’t so bad after all!