Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I haven’t ever changed my mind on winter. The best part is when it’s over. But I had this great idea to leave another hot Aussie summer and go visit friends in Halifax, giving little consideration to just how cold far East Canada can become. The pilot confidently announced that upon landing, I would be greeted with a delightful -31 degrees (-23.8 fahrenheit). My perspective of ‘cold’ changed faster than two newly weds on their wedding night. But with this cold weather brought about a quest to manually heat the world, one piece of steel wool at a time. I was about to embark upon my first light painting journey.

After spending a few days gathering up materials (perspex/plexiglass, steel cable, whisk, etc) and beg, borrowing and steeling assembly tools, Josh and I jumped in the car and headed towards the train yard. We made a few legal assumptions, based upon limited signage and fencing that what we were doing was ok. The police backed up our thoughts by curiously driving past, surveying our activities - the key point… they drove past… so we continued. It's truly great fun and the results can be amazing, so definitely give it a try!

:: Ozzy