Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

The University of Cambridge is rated as one of the top 5 schools in the world and I was in awe of the apparent intellectual prowess...until a sign rocked me back to earth. It read: “Please note: the door access system in this building has been upgraded to include voice recognition. Speak your name towards the card reader to gain entry - University of Cambridge Senior Estates Advisor”. I smirked when I found out this had been one of the most successful April fools jokes ever.

Whether it be the quirkiness of punting on the river Cam (and getting your pole stuck to the glee of onlookers as you helplessly continue drifting downriver), or simply strolling through the grounds of the world's third oldest surviving university, it is well worth the trip. Whilst the schedule wouldn't allow for better photographic timing (aka not midday), you can still spend hours exploring this cute little town, and the few that I had just weren't enough. For sure I'll be back to photograph this university properly and if you do visit, go punting... but don't lose your pole.

:: Ozzy