The Dream

Since I was a kid, I had always wanted to live, work and take photographs in Europe. Being able to travel and capture multiple countries in just a day seemed almost incredulous to this Australian. So I left everything I knew: my corporate job, friends and family, bought a plane ticket and have never looked back!

Photographically speaking

I've always enjoyed photography, but I really fell in love with it when I started traveling. Whilst I still long for the open road, the joy of producing quality images for personal clients and businesses alike remains my greatest passion. For me, the key is FUN and this always brings about images that you can fall in love with - because you forget about the camera and focus on what is truly important... YOU!

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When I needed to revamp the website for my new clinics, I called upon Darren as I wanted both quality photos and assistance with the direction for our social media platform and website development. His dedication, professionalism along with a stress free approach to photography made this project a pleasure for the Centre.
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Darren is the epitome of professionalism. He has the eye and the talent... a lethal combination. Thanks for making us look amazing.
Pam & Alastair
Macleod Inn
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